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Sam Horner - Games Development Portfolio

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Hello! My name is Sam Horner and this website showcases some of my personal projects. I am a 'Computer Science with Games Development' graduate from Northumbria University. This includes work with the Unity and Unreal Engines, the C++ and C# programming languages as well as mods for triple A games. I enjoy gameplay programming and the projects I liked working on the most were the ones that challenged me and allowed me to work on mechanics that I hadn't previously worked on. For eack project I have encluded samples of the code.

If any content in this portfolio was not made by me (e.g. Music, Graphics), I will say so in the description for that project.

For some examples, the quality of the video or audio is quite low, this is because some were recorded on a mobile device. I have provided a link to download the Apps, should you wish to see them in better quality.

Use these links to view my projects, or view the highlights bellow.


C++ Game Engine

As part of my course, I built a game engine that uses a generic components system. I got very positive feedback for this work and I am very proud of it. The video is quite laggy, but that is because of the recording software and not the engine.

C++ VR Submarine Game

For my final year project, I made a VR game in which the player controls a submarine through underwater trenches, avoiding dangerous creatures and collecting objectives. The aim of the project was to create a tense and creepy atmosphere without relying on story devices or scripted jump-scares. Instead, the atmosphere is created using gameplay.

The player pilots the submarine using simulated levers and buttons that they interact with using the VR controllers. This was done to make a control system that the player must focus on fully to use it effectively, which creates a feeling of vulnerability in dangerous situations. The player cannot see out of the submarine, except for some very small and un-useful windows, and they must understand the environment around the submarine using a series of sensors. This was done so I could fully control the amount of information the player was receiving at any given moment, and I could optimise the 'Fear of the Unknown' effect to the fullest.

Spanner Platformer Game

This is a platformer game that I made to practice making a larger, more intricate, game. From a coding and design perspective. This plays like a normal platformer but the player can attack in any direction from their body, which is aimed by the mouse. The player collects points which can be used to upgrade thier stats e.g. Attack Power, Jump Height etc.

Skyrim Creation Kit - Modding

This is my favourite mod that I have made using the Skyrim Creation Kit modding software. This mod adds a medium length Nordic ruin to the game which can be accessed just outside on of the games villages. This mod contains a fully designed and decorated dungeon with an increasing difficulty level as you progress. At the begging of the dungeon, you are fighting regular drauger enemies but as you explore deeper you discover multiple warlocks being lead by an ex-psijic monk.

I enjoyed making this mod as I greatly enjoy Skyrim and it allowed me to gain an insight into how the game was designed and made. I believe that this experience has given me more of an insight into triple-A game development than any other project.

Mod for Sktrim Mod for Skyrim Mod for Sktrim Mod for Sktrim