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Sam Horner - Games Development Portfolio

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Hello! - My name is Sam Horner, and this website showcases some of my work in triple A game development, as well as some of my personal projects from the past few years. I am currently working as a Gameplay Programmer at Codemasters/EA, on the Grid Legends team.

If any content in this portfolio was not made by me (e.g. Music, Graphics), I will say so in the description for that project.

For some examples, the quality of the video or audio is quite low, this is because some were recorded on a mobile device. I have provided a link to download the Apps, should you wish to see them in better quality.

Use these links to view my projects, or view the highlights bellow.


Grid Legends

Grid Legends is my first triple-A game release. Working on this game has been a fantastic experience, and I have learn an enormous amounth from the rest of the development team.

During development, I worked on the game code team, specialising on progression and other low and high level systems using C++.

C++ Game Engine

As part of my course, I built a game engine that uses a generic components system. I got very positive feedback for this work and I am very proud of it. The video is quite laggy, but that is because of the recording software and not the engine.

C++ VR Submarine Game

For my final year project, I made a VR game in which the player controls a submarine through underwater trenches, avoiding dangerous creatures and collecting objectives. The aim of the project was to create a tense and creepy atmosphere without relying on story devices or scripted jump-scares. Instead, the atmosphere is created using gameplay.

The player pilots the submarine using simulated levers and buttons that they interact with using the VR controllers. This was done to make a control system that the player must focus on fully to use it effectively, which creates a feeling of vulnerability in dangerous situations. The player cannot see out of the submarine, except for some very small and un-useful windows, and they must understand the environment around the submarine using a series of sensors. This was done so I could fully control the amount of information the player was receiving at any given moment, and I could optimise the 'Fear of the Unknown' effect to the fullest.