Sam Horner - Modding Home

Sam Horner - Modding Home

GTA V - Modding

This is a mod that I made with C# to work with ScriptHookV. The function of this mod is to display a menu that allows the player to perform actions such as spawning vehicles, changing locations and activating cheats. This mod was coded using C# as it was the most appropriate for the requirements.

The main reason I made this mod was to develop my understanding of how larger games are coded. This was a very enjoyable project for me as I was able to understand better how on of my favourite games functioned, and alter it for my own needs.

Mod for GTA V Mod for GTA V Mod for GTA V Mod for GTA V

Skyrim Creation Kit - Modding

This is my favourite mod that I have made using the Skyrim Creation Kit modding software. This mod adds a medium length Nordic ruin to the game which can be accessed just outside on of the games villages. This mod contains a fully designed and decorated dungeon with an increasing difficulty level as you progress. At the begging of the dungeon, you are fighting regular drauger enemies but as you explore deeper you discover multiple warlocks being lead by an ex-psijic monk.

I enjoyed making this mod as I greatly enjoy Skyrim and it allowed me to gain an insight into how the game was designed and made. I believe that this experience has given me more of an insight into triple-A game development than any other project.

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