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Sam Horner - C# Pogramming Home

Spanner Platformer Game

This is a platformer game that I made to practice making a larger, more intricate, game. From a coding and design perspective. This plays like a normal platformer but the player can attack in any direction from their body, which is aimed by the mouse. The player collects points which can be used to upgrade thier stats e.g. Attack Power, Jump Height etc.

RSPWN Precision Platformer Game

This is a precision platformer that I made to practice game design. I created a simple game with a few simple mechanics e.g. jumping, moving objects, danger, bounce pads, and made a complete game that uses those simple mechanics to create different challenges.

The game itself was designed to be difficult, but for most of the difficulty to be self imposed. This is done by allowing the players to decide where they place checkpoints, but they loose points for each checkpoint they use. This measn that if a player wants the best scores, they will have to use less checkpoints.

C# - Switch Mobile Game

This is a mobile game that I made with Unity and C#. My idea for this game was to make a game that was simple to understand but is still engaging to play. My idea was to make a game in which you are restricted to one plane of movement and being made to dodge obstacles that move on two planes to create a uniquely engaging experience that I haven’t seen done anywhere else before.

I am very pleased with the final product after working very hard on it and adjusting it to feedback. I have released this game for free on the Google Play store.

The music in this is a royalty free song called "100841" by Captive Portal.

Switch Mobile Game Switch Mobile Game Switch Mobile Game

C# - AI Battle Royal

This began as a top down battle royal game that a player would take part in. The initial idea was to make a battle royal game that was fast, short and hard. But when I was making the enemy AI I realised that to make it so the players actions mattered apose to their victory being pure luck, the AI would need to be slower and dumber that I initially intended.

I scrapped the idea of having a player character and decided to use the game as a practice project for making AI. I added a score board to keep track of victories (initially to test the fairness of the spawning placements), made gun pickups (purple squares) which contained random gun types, either shorgun, pistol or grenades, and made the ability to change the health and speed of the AI. This game is show in the video but it is also available to play in the browser (with reduced performance) using the link bellow.